Help identify please!

Can anyone try to help me identify what model or even maybe a brand this kayak might be? It is an 18 foot fiberglass kayak, the brand sticker and model number is nowhere to be found on it

Given the day hatch location, I would guess a Nigel Foster hull but I do not see a skeg control. Is there a HIN engraved or embossed to be found on stern? Any markings hidden inside any of compartments or cockpit?

Interesting catch on the day hatch. My P&H and NDK and I think the Valley, though I would have to go look, all have the day hatch on the right side. 1990’s to have the three.

The cockpit shows more functional thigh braces than were common in the earlier Foster boats, but I just looked at an ad for the Whiskey 65 and it appears those are typical for him now.

It looks to be in good condition. May be skegless.

The fore deck and back deck have a noticeable ridge which I have not seen in composite kayaks. I have no idea. Need to know the HIN if it is can be read…

The ridge is not a big deal, a number of manufacturers used that over the years. Composite and plastic.

But yes HIN most important.

Funny, I have been talking to the guy who set up that OfferUp ad in Seattle about this boat. He doesn’t have a clue. Its a Valley, model unclear. I am very mildly interested. Replacing hatch covers can be a difficult and expensive proposition and lack of a skeg has me perplexed.

Valley makes sense, What would help a lot would be to get an idea of how much rocker it has. I know of people who have eschewed skegs, as well as rudders.

From the last photo it looks like some characters might be telegraphing thru the dirt on the starboard rear hull side. Its odd that that particular spot is so dirty, like maybe someone sanded off the HIN. You could try taking a rubbing with paper and charcoal or crayon.