Help identify this canoe

I am looking at a used wenonah prism with serial number RK679C404. Does anyone know how to interpret this serial number to confirm age and layup material?

I should add
I should add that the seller is stating that the boat has never been used. I’m thinking the last 2 digits 04 indicate that it was built in 2004.

HIN number
This is not the whole number. the prefix for Wenonah is MFP and its missing. the last digits you have guessed correctly are the month and year for all manufacturers. Value is based as much on layup and condition as age. A 10 year old Kevlar hull is worth more than a 3 year old royalex hull in the same condition.


Thanks. Turns out it is Tuf-weave. The boat has never been used and was stored inside. I paid $1200 which seemed fair. Can’t wait for warmer weather…

but coach harbaugh

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The U can't pony up for a new canoe for their coach?