Help identify this classic Sawyer racer

I’m looking for help identifying this Saywer racing canoe from the late 70s or early 80s. We’re getting ready to sell my dad’s old racing canoe, and I’d like to figure out what model it is. Also, any pricing advice you might have would be much appreciated.



Here’s the photo:

Not sure but might be the saber, their super fast canoe.

Do you know the length?

Re: Sawyer
It’s about 19 feet long the gunwale, and probably 19.5 ft at the waterline. And yes, it’s fast as hell :-). Tippy, but really a joy to paddle on flat water.

Might be the Champion or the Super. Both according to my old literature are 18 1/2 ft long.

You got a jewel!

By the way the Saber was about 24 feet long.

This canoe is a sawyer champion. Designed by Roland Muhlen.

Yep, its a Champion. you can tell from the Recurve stern.

I’ve never paddled one, but many old racers speak fondly of this boat. If you want to sell it, send me an email. I may be interested.

Don’t sell it cheap brother!

Sawyer/Superior Shockwave…

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Could be Champion...have never seen one...and the pic is limited..and would not be surprised by other boats with a bit of a Shockwave put into its hull.
Guess Superior is now into kayaks and SUPs. Looks like they've sold off most all of their canoes....