Help identify this Kayak Make & Model?

Comfort in a seating arrangement is relative and kind of depends on what you are doing sitting in it and for how long. Sitting in a well padded recliner chair is great for watching TV or reading. But it would lead to considerable discomfort, especially in the lower back, if you tried to use it sitting at a desk or workbench or, say, a sewing machine for more than a few minutes.

Since this particular boat is a recreational style (wide and slow) you are pretty much going to be “Lily-dipping” in it – a high seat like that is OK for short floats down a lazy river, sitting still fishing or birdwatching, etc. It’s not a boat you are going to be paddling any distance or trying for speed or maneuverability. That seat would not be conducive to torso rotation for those purposes and would likely be uncomfortable after more than a few hours in the saddle while actively paddling.