Help Identify this Kayak please

My girlfriend had an older kayak that she might want to sell and we aren’t sure what brand or model it is. Any help on where to go to post some pictures of it and possibly get an answer.


It’s free and easy.

post anywhere, ask here

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You can post images to most anywhere. Shutterfly, Google's Picasaweb, Flickr, etc. (along with one posted above) all allow free posting of pictures.

Post the links to here and we will try to ID the boat. Make sure you include pictures of any logos that are on the boat.

Look for a Serial or HULL ID
Most boats will have a Hull Identification Number or HIN. The first 3 or 4 digits will identify the manufacturer. The HIN is usually engraved or embossed in the hull at the stern on the right side and some times on the inside of the boat. The manufacturer ID are usually alpha characthers. Part of the number represent the year of manufacture. The US Coast Guard site will give you the list of manufacturer codes online.