Help Identify this kayak?

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The owner doesn't know what kayak this is.... would like to ask the knowledgeable folks on here if they can tell me the model of this kayak? :-D Considering the seller doesn't know the model, may indicate it wasn't taken care of properly...but if it was stored in a garage I guess it can't be that bad?

Opinion of the price? Would it be a good fit for a smaller paddler? (5' 110-120 lbs)

Thanks in advance!

Necky or Perception
looks to be in good shape Fair price, likely ok for smaller paddler

Aqua terra
Looks a lot like an old chinook but without the big bump behind the cockpit.

Was intially looking for something for the wife (5’ 110-120 lbs) with a narrow cockpit (around 16") - any idea how this would compare to a wilderness systems piccolo or other small padder/low volume kayak?

I do like the 2 bulkheads vs float bags needing to be shoved in small kayaks like the piccolo

Thanks again.

does look similar to chinook…but…

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looking at some google images, the deck/hull look kinda like a chinook...but the hatch covers are held by bungies...this one looks like its held on with maybe not a chinook...that and thec chinook is 16", while the seller is saying this is 14'...or maybe a modification...

Looks kinda like a Necky…

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Looking at the Necky Monitou, it looks pretty similar, but the rear toggle carry strap is all the way at the end, but this one has it closer to the cockpit....guess its rudder ready, but not a necky monitou?


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This looks like an old CD Breeze - the straps and toggles match, and it has the bumps on the back deck for optional rudder cables to pass through.

However, the Breeze doesn't have a front hatch - so it may be a plastic Pachena - I think I remember that they formerly made it in RM. If so, for $300, it would be a good deal, but check the cockpit dimensions of the Breeze/Pachena - it's a big boat. Having said that, everyone who's ever tried my Pachena, even small women, like it.

Chinook nw
Its an Aquaterra Chinook NW.

So it’s not 14 ft, it’s 16 ft.