Help Identify this kayak?

Went to go check out a kayak today listed in craigslist.

Aside from it looking like it needs major work - it looks somewhat interesting?

Pictures can be seen here:

Measurements (rough)

16’ 9" overall length

23.5" width

11.5" height (mid section of cockpit rim)

interior cockpit dimensions:

31" long

16.5" wide

Hull is soft chine

The Masik area is angular

The angular masik area along with lack of bulk heads and foot braces might be possible indicators that this kayak may be an early interpretation of the Igdlorssuit? - Pre Anas Acuta?

Any guesses on the make/model of this kayak?

Seller is asking $250 - worth the effort to restore? - can see that thread here:

Thank you all in advance!

What is it made of? Doesn’t look like
composite. You need to know the construction so you know what methods to use.

The shots of the “gash” and the “repair” are too fuzzy to tell anything.

I didn’t see any major damage. The “seat” is the most asinine seat I’ve ever seen in a sea kayak.

By the time you pay your $250 and then spend a few more hundreds fixing it up, you could find and buy a much better, more modern touring/sea kayak.

I agree, can of worms
It looks to me like a complete can of worms. Incompetent bulkheads that would have to be entirely replaced. No foot braces. An ominous spider crack and badly bashed stern that indicate UV damage and brittleness from neglect. Horribly funky seat that would also have to go. Missing hatch cover that could be a pain to match.

You would have to put many hours and some dollars into making this even seaworthy. I bought a battered kayak that size in similar condition last year for $100 and it had the hatch covers AND a nice stainless rudder and foot pedal assembly (and that was the only reason I paid that much for it.)

The only positive thing I can say about it is that it doesn’t appear from the pics to be oilcanned.

It’s up to you but it would not tempt me at that price.

so many choices
so many companies have made and imported kayaks that there’s always some odd ball models to be found.

The molded deck fittings might lead you in the right direction and that large recess behind the cockpit looks like it might be for the old style impex day hatch, or it could just be a recess for a dry bag.

Impex was the importer of North Shore sea kayaks (a long time ago) so maybe that’s another place to look?

$250 with the repairs it needs seems a bit high.

Project or paddling?
If you want a project to take up lots of your time - buy it.

If you want to go paddling keep shopping.