Help identify this kayak

I have never seen anything like it. Anyone have an idea what the make / model might be?

Made by TT Kayaks out of Japan. Model I think was called the Straight.

I had one just like it (same color, even) back in 2007 that I picked up used off of Ebay in the SF Bay Area. I bought from original owner, who said he bought it from a master distributor who was based in Marin or Sonoma when that person went out of business (so original owner got a close out deal). Manufacturing company also looks to have gone out business.

Didn’t fit me well, so I sold it. If you are in NorCal, quite possible it was that same boat, as there are not many here.

The rudder blade was scary sharp.

I thought it might have been an old Malin.
It’s on SF craigslist, so it may be the same boat after all.

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