Help identify which necky kayak this is

I just purchased this 18’ necky kayak. The guy wasn’t sure which model it was. I couldn’t seem to find it online. It has these hatch covers.

Could be a Chatham as Necky used the Necky branded Valley hatches on those but a picture of the kayak would be more helpful than a picture of the hatch cover.

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Those round hatch covers are common on many (most?) boats with day hatches. Necky had a few that had them, including the Chatahm and Elaho lines, but maybe others. The Eskia and Looksha lines did not have them. If it really is 18’, possible the Chatam 18.

Keep in mind, the hatch you show also fits many other makes of kayaks, so is interchangeable. And the hatch covers have a habit of getting gummy and degrading after a few years. When someone goes to replace, they may not buy the one marked with their kayak brand, but instead buy the first they can find. So it is possible to find a Necky brand day hatch on a different brand boat. Are you saying it is a Necky boat because of the marking on the day hatch, or do you see other places on the boat marked as Necky?

A picture of the boat would be much better for IDing than of the hatch cover.

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Like a pic of a gas cap to ID a car…
HID # on the rear starboard hull.

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If it is not the Tahsis, I am guessing that is a Looksha II. if so, it would fall into what we now call the Fast Sea kayak category on races. Long and skinny, kind of like a surf ski but with a cockpit you sit in. Not known for high stability.

Made of composite material. if you look inside the cockpit and see the color, that would tell you what material it likely is. White is fiberglass, gold is kevlar, and black is carbon. Not likely carbon, as I don’t think carbon was common at about the time this was made (probably in the 90s).

Tahsis: Touring Kayak Review: Necky Tahsis - Paddling Magazine
Looksha II: Sea Kayaker Magazine: Kayak Reviews

I’m not convinced that it’s either of those, or that it is even a Necky. The foredeck is highly cambered, while the older Neckys tend to have very flat deck. Almost looks more like CD or Seaward shape.

If its a seaward, it might be the Ascente? Looking at the pics closer; it seems that the hatches look like Valley style, which would rule my choices incorrect.

Not a Valley. Ends too flat.

I would call something like a Tahsis if Necky, though my recall is the Tahsis had an 0val hatch somewhere. This is a boat w/o a day hatch, calls the era.

It seems like a low top lines to me for a Seaward, but what does it have for seat? Older Seaward boats could have distinct and somewhat odd seats.

Looks like a fast hull.

Go to the stern on the starboard (right) side and look to see if there is a serial number. The first couple of letters should be the manufacturer. Be interesting to her what they are. It will start with N if Necky.

The last 2 digits are the year it was built. Also interesting to know.

It’s Kevlar. Weighs 47 lbs. it’s fast and pretty unstable. I’ll take a photo of the seat. It’s a moulded foam with Velcro on the bottom. The back rest has the necky logo which is fixed. I have a tandem seaward too. The bungee loops aren’t the same.

I agree ,its not a Valley, just making a comment on what looks that style of hatches.
The comment ,that the boat is tippy, points me towards one of the Arluk

Here is the seat. It has a necky logo.

Top of starboard stern,…

There isn’t one. There is remnants of a sticker.

It could be etched or molded into the gelcoat…

There is nothing etched.

This is the shape from the front.

Maybe a glacier?