help identifying a Lotus PFD

I’m trying to find a Lotus PFD, but I don’t remember what it’s called. It’s not a Rio, not a Lola, not a Locean, not a P-vest, and not a Sherman, although it looks most like a Sherman (shape-wise), except that it (the one I want) has a zipper running up the front. Whatever it is, it is no longer available, but it was only a year or two ago. The sea kayak version had a VHF-size black pocket on the left front side. If you have any idea what it is and where I might find one, please let me know. Thanks!

Strait Jacket? (NM)

we may have a winner!

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The PFD I am looking for is at the bottom of this page:

Or here:

It has the SHAPE of the Sherman (that characteristic "Chip and Dale" profile), with a zipper up the middle, and a black VHF pocket of the paddler's LEFT (contoured to follow the "Chip and Dale" shape).

So ... looks like we have a winner! Thanks, water_walker! Now I know what to look for. I'll try the ads. In the meantime, anyone else know of any more out there for sale? Dates from 2002.

was selling them for $30 at the Reno WW Festival last weekend.

thanks, tschuck!
I’ll try contacting them

What size? I think i might have one. Vaughn Fulton


A little different
Here’s a similar PDF, different mfg, that I picked up on clearence from REI: Looks like they’ve sold out of their larger size, though someone else might have it for sales as well. Just thoughts I would throw another option out there.

Straight Jkt or…
Rio Bravo (not Rio Grande)

Also discontinued.


My e-mail is on the fritz. Call me or get back to me thru this forum about the pfd. Vaughn . 910-326-5084