Help identifying my canoe...

Hello all! I’m new to this forum. I’m excited to find out about my canoe. I found my canoe’s I’d number which is: MADA8406M83E (if I’m reading it correctly, as it is hard to read). Can anyone help me with identifying year make and model? Thank you so much!

It is a Mad River canoe made in December of 1983. If you tell us whether it is a solo or a tandem, and give us an accurate measurement of its overall length and maximum width at the gunwales (minus the width of the outwales) we can probably tell you the model. Some photographs would also be helpful.

Thanks for your reply! It is 16 ft long, and 35 in wide. I will try to attach a couple photos.

It is a 16 foot Royalex Explorer. A good all-around tandem canoe.

Thank you so much!