help identifying Old Town kayak

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I recently bought a used Old Town kayak. It's an older model, very basic. Looks to be single layer poly. It has a piece of tube that runs under the seat, to which the seat is attached. The tube isn't attached to the hull, on the bow side at least. I can't see behind the seat without taking it apart to see how it's attached. No foot brace in this model either.

length: 9' 6"
width: 29"
cockpit: 38" x 19"

By look and measure, it's similar to the OT Heron 9, but not exactly the same. The seat is obviously different. I also found some info on the OT Otter that looks very similar as well.

It's a '97, so maybe it's changed enough over that time that it's a predecessor in one of these lines, or an entirely different model all together.

Here are some pics.

[link deleted]

I am hoping someone here might be able to help me identify the exact model.

Take the “s” out of https so we can see

The link the site gives for sharing includes the https prefix, which was working for me even when signed out of the site. But it also seems to work with just the http prefix too, so I updated the link removing the “s”.

looks to be an Otter

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I got some info from someone else with a late 90's Otter. They had original seat installation instructions that show the tube (keelson) and seat configuration and it all looks to be an exact match with what I have.

I'd say we have a positive ID.

Thanks all.

Interesting design. I’m guessing it may
feel somewhat roly-poly, but as long as you’re sitting on the bottom, it should be OK.