Help Identifying This Canoe

I salvaged this canoe a couple years ago after it was dumped over an embankment at a summer came by an outgoing staff person. There was a crack in the bow that I patched, which I’m guessing was the reason for it being discarded.

I’m trying to figure out the make and model and hoping someone has some ideas. The boat is 16’, and made out of a three ply hull material. It appears to have had wooden handles at the bow and stern when it was new, as there are holes where you’d expect carry handles to be. I’m thinking maybe Esquif.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

It looks like it has sponsons attached inside the hull rather than outside. Is that something you did or was it like that?

Is there a HIN number embossed on the outside of the hull on one of the ends? That number will tell you that maker and the year if you know how to read the code.

Nice find.

With the exception of the patch job, the canoe is in the condition I found it in. The boat appears to have spent a good amount of its life running swift water, as the hull it pretty dinged up, and there are air bag tie downs in the stern, center, and bow that were added at some point. My assumption is that the interior sponsons were added to allow better bracing when kneeling.

To date I have been unable to locate any sort of HIN number anywhere on the craft.

Looks like the floatation things that Sportspals have on the outside?

The foam looks too thin to function as hip braces but quite a few whitewater boaters glued foam to the sidewalls of the canoe interior to act as additional flotation and also to limit somewhat the amount of water retained in the boat when rolling it upright.

If you post some additional photos someone on the forum might be able to identify it. In the meantime look under the deck plates at the hull interior. Sometimes an HIN was scribed there or marked there with a waterproof marker.

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This boat seems to devoid of any identifying markings which seems odd. If it was fiberglass I’d assume it was a home build, but considering the hull material is a 3 ply construction that seems unlikely to me, though I’m certainly open to other thoughts on the matter.