Help identifying this Sawyer canoe?

I just bought this Sawyer canoe. It is in great shape (minor scuff marks and a small chip in the gel coat on the bow). The price was good at $250. Can anyone help identify the model? I can provide specs but need some direction on how to measure length (i.e., along the keel line or from end cap to end cap).


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Overall length is measured in a straight line at the furthest point at one end to the furthest point at the other. It would be the interior length dimension of a box into which the canoe just barely fit.

For canoes with proud or plumb stems this is usually the measurement from the tip of one deck cap to the other, but for canoes with recurved stems one has to measure from where most distant portion of the stem falls which can be a little more difficult to do.

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Found my answer - it is a DY Special
Sorry, I thought I made the photos public. I picked the boat up last night. I was cleaning it this morning and found a tag on the inside of the hull. Turns out that it is a DY Special. I look forward to doing some clean up and getting it out on the water.

It seems like a good deal.

Nice boat and great price. Enjoy!


Yeah, a D-Y Special is a real find.