Help Identifying Valve Type

Hi I’m trying to identify what kind of valve my inflatable Hairboat kayak has so I can pump it up with the right pump fitting. Any valve experts out there? It looks a lot like a halkey-roberts valve but doesn’t mesh with the halkey-roberts pump fitting. There are four little pesky notches inside the valve that prevent the pump fitting from dropping down and engaging. Here’s a picture - hope it works

It does look close to an HR, but definitely isn’t one. Doesn’t look like a Leafield or a military either. I’d certainly try to ask the manufacturer. I tried looking for a website but couldn’t find one, and only found one reference to the boat on somebody’s website from France. It unfortunately may be their own proprietary HR knock-off.

HR knock off style, made in asia, notice that there is no patent number. Size varies according to manufacturer. As far as a good pump to valve fit, one worries to much. Most valves are just a bit funnel shaped and some even have ridges to help seal the pump orifice. The NRS wonder pump or knockoff(which also comes with adapters) or a kpump without the adapter on will work great. A barrel style top off pump for rafts would also work. lProbably most things available and sold at your local Wally World will work. Be sure to finish “topping off” with the inner part of of the valve rotated to the out position. As someone who owns a variety of IKs: riken, tributary (aire’s cheap brand), sevylor, and saturn, and who also owns a variety of pumps- kpumps, nrs, coleman, and others, I find just about anything works on a valve that style. I prefer to top off with a smallish kpump and take it on the water with me. You don’t really need a good seal for the initial inflation before you top off. Anything that can fill an air mattress will work. Just make sure the center of valve is rotated in and set to that in position when you start filling the boat so air can enter more easily. I know fancier pump fittings “lock in” but in my estimation to top off an ik or raft the best pump is one with a flexible tip (like a k pump) where the air comes out- that allows it to snug up to variety of valve sizes and types. Notched adapter tips are valve specific.