Help Identifying what I believe is a Blackhawk Canoe

I purchased this canoe many years ago off the side of the road. I was told it was a Blackhawk. I have been trying to get more information, any help you can give would be appreciated. Just for full disclosure, I am looking to sell this canoe in the near future.

Best measure I can get, for gunwales bow to stern is 14’ 8" (difficult to measure without assistance)
Wiidth at the centerline: 26.5"

Has a pedestal seat that incorporates all of the flotation.

Serial Number ends in M83M, which I believe indicates it was built in 1983,

Here are some quick photos:

I know, the seat appears backwards. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any assistance you could give would be appreciated.
Thanks, Lyle

I’d like to paddle it, it’s for sure a piece of canoe history. The weirdly shaped bow suggests that it’s a Pat Moore design. Pat was on a pretty wide orbit…I think he’s still out there somewhere.

Check out the boat on the link. It’s a Pat Moore designed manufactured by Blackhawk. I think the Proem was made in several lengths.

I’ll look around to see if I can find better info to nail down the exact model.

When I saw it, I also thought Pat Moore. I don’t really know, though.

Thank you. I will continue to follow up on this lead. I appreciate your effort.

Thank you as well. I only wish someone maintained a database of serial numbers, but, alas, that would be too easy.

It looks like it’s a Blackhawk Covenant. If you Google it you’ll find a little info. I suggest that you call Dave Curtis at Hemlock Canoe and ask him about it…he was hanging out with Phil Sigglekow (Blackhawk founder) back in the day when solo canoe designs were emerging. You will enjoy talking to Dave…tell him Tom in Michigan sent you. I totally agree that it is a shame that the history of composite solo canoes like the Lotus, Blackhawk and Moore boats is already slipping away.

I do NOT believe it is a Proem.
I own a Proem, and I have never heard of ANY Proem even coming close to the length stated for the “mystery” boat.

Don’t think that your boat is much of a mystery.

Covenant in foreground, Dandy in background
I believe it is a Blackhawk Covenant.
Enclosed are a couple of photos of Covenants. Mine is the one in the foreground of the photo with 2 canoes.

The canoe in the background with 2 canoes is my Lotus Dandy.
It was outfitted for sailing, and Mike Galt signed it.

Lotus Dandy Lotus Dandy sail setup LotusDandy signed by Mike Galt

So, what do you think?
Mystery anymore?
Where are you? I’d like to talk to you…


Covenant. I had one for several years, and regret selling it (out of need). Pat Moore design, made by Blackhawk. Bought it from Dave Curtis at Hemlock Canoes.

Thank you VERY much. Seems my mystery is solved. I thank you all.

I plan to sell this. It is not in perfect condition, but if anyone is interested I will go into detail. I would LOVE if it went to someone who will appreciate the history it represents.

Thank you very much for all your assistance. See my reply to Tom. If you know of anyone who would appreciate this bit of history, point them my way.

Bob, I am in Croswell, MI.

Thank you Tom. See my other replies.

Way out of my comfort zone; based on round trip travel distance…