help identifying which black hawk canoe i own

The hull number is BLQ 07124 G494. I believe that means it was made in 1994.
Its 15 ft 5 in, 32 in wide and about 11 in deep.
It weighs about 40 lbs and was set up as a solo canoe.
It has wood gunnels and was an early kevlar model they made the previous owner told me.
Outside is a dark green color with a gel coat finish. Inside is beige.

Thanks for any insight on figuring out which black hawk canoe model I own. Thanks

Maybe an early version of Starship…although rear deck is not correct for the production version. “The Bob” will probably be able to give the definitive answer. Was a 15’ Shadow made? Hull shape looks similar.

It’s a Shadow 15.8. Pic below shows a similar view of mine while I was refinishing the wood trim…looks pretty darn similar. You may have underestimated the length since the stern sticks out a few inches past the wood trim. The Kevlar layup was spec’ed at 39 pounds and the fiberglass at 45. If you have weighed yours carefully it sounds like yours really is Kevlar so I’m jealous and want to buy it. The serial number on mine is BLQ07120F494. I was thinking your G might signify the Gold (Kevlar) layup while my F might mean Fiberglass (mine is fiberglass) but my Kevlar Combi 15.8 has an L so now I’m guessing that the letter signifies the month of manufacture. Maybe someone else knows.

And Steve, it does look almost exactly like a Shadow 14.6.


Agree with TomL.

I have a Shadow 15.8 model (same wood trim, flotation tanks, white colored in kevlar layup, pristine condition, no special deck treatent),
First owner was Blackhawk Canoes ex employee; he never paddled it.

It’s NOT a Starship, Zephyr, Ariel nor Shadow 14.6; I have owned or currently own all those models.


Really nice Blackhawks are getting quite scarce…

In the foreground of this photo, is another Blackhawk that the model in question is not; a Blackhawk Covenant…
Canoe in background is a Lotus Dandy.
Both found in same storage facilility in Wisconsin; not long ago. Both pristine condition.
Dandy is autographed by Mike Galt. It is set to accomadate a sailing mast.