Help IDing vintage Frontier Fiberglass Products Kayak

I have a mid-late 60’s 16’ Frontier Fiberglass Products Kayak I am trying to find out about. I can’t find a HIN on it anywhere. It lived its life in the Pacific Northwest so I am guessing it was sourced in WA or Canada. Glass is in good shape for its age as it was stored out of the sun. Paint is a pretty faded. My mom used it to go traverse the Puget Sound from Gig Harbor to Tacoma back in the day.

Does anybody have any info to share or ideas on a value?

Thanks in advance for the help!!!


Hi Sean,

Did you ever find out more information about your kayak?

I just found one similar in someone’s yard here on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. It’s Frontier Fiberglass Produces kayak dating from 1976. Frontier Fiberglass are known for their canoes but they also made a few kayaks. They were based on the unfortunately named “Eskie” design imported from Germany. There’s a biography of the company’s founder floating around on the interweb somewhere that describes how he came to Canada from Germany and started a small boat-building business outside New Westminster, BC.

I’m in the midst of restoring my boat. I’m going to steam-off the big gold “Frontier Fiberglass” sticker so I can put it back on when I’m done patching and painting. Might paint it to look like the vintage Fisher-Price kayak which was apparently also based on the same boat.

How do you like yours? It’s not as kitted-out as contemporary kayaks but I find it to be really maneuverable and stable.


Paul -

Never found anything further. I know this one is mid-late 60’s because my Mom used it before she got married. It was fun in the water; nice and smooth and quick. Pretty stable too.

Thanks for the note!