Help in choosing

Hello all,

Im a newbie looking for a bit of guidance in my purchase.

Im 5โ€™10" and 200#. Im on a budget, fairly tight. The most I can spend on the kayak alone is $350 :frowning: I know if I dont buy one now, I wont be getting one this summer :frowning:

So heres my available choices:

Victroy Blast $200

Perception Swifty 9.5 $270

Pelican Pursuit 100 $330 (overpriced comapred to guide???)

Old Town Otter XT $330

Emotion Advant-Edge 12โ€™7" $300

The Emotion Advant Edge appears to be a steal for $300. The list here says its normally $630. This is at a Cabelas and is on some sort of clearance. Trouble is, I can only read a single review on this boat?

I have considered SOTโ€™s and was heading that way. However being in Northern Ohio there will be plenty of cooler days I would like to go out it, and getting to wet isnt an option.

Input is appreciated. I intend to buy soon :slight_smile:

help in choosing
I am in the same โ€œboatโ€ What I have seen , you can double the price by adding a carrier & pfd . Good luck.

Consider used?
Are these all new boats? For just getting started on a tight budget, Iโ€™d suggest going used.

Used is definitely the way to go. Look at classifieds here, your local clubs and even craigslist. Good luck and happy paddling!!

gonna need a paddle too

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and if you find a good it and don't wait because someone else will get it, especially if its used.

Otter XT

Have you looked at Craigslist. I sold my dagger 10.5 blackwater for $350. It was used a few years but still in good shape. Unfortnunately Im in Minnesota. That boat is much better than the otter xt. Try looking at classified adds or your hometown newspaper. You can get a good used boat for under $400 if you look. Good Luck you will find a boat.

Thanks so far!
Thanks for the input so far.

I have kept a fairly good eye on Craigs List from my area for some time now. One Kayak was listed, but it was missing the cover and he wanted $50 less than what it can be had new- at which point I would rather buy new.

Does anyone have an info on the Advant0Edge by Emotion?

Can any of you experience kayakers have a quick look and give me some input on it. It seems like a deal to get it for $300 when it lists here @ $630. I about bought the Pursuit 100. Glad I didnt as they are over priced ($330?).

I do have a paddle, PDF and car top carrier I purchased today @ Cabelaโ€™s. Im just in need of my boat, my limits looking like $350 as stated. If theres something light years better for $50ish or so, I would consider waiting another week.

Thanks for understanding my struggle.

I hope this provides a bit more exercise than I currently get :frowning:

Thanks to this post I gave Craigslist a first ever look see. There werenโ€™t many, but I found a very encouraging ad right away. Still waiting to hear something from the seller, but thanks to one and all for pointing me in this direction.

Just wanted to say I bought a kayak tonight!

Im pretty happy about it and eager to get into the water.

Ended up with the Emotion Advat-edge. The deal seems to be very, very good. A longer boat also makes me feel a bit warmer inside. I will do a review once Ive used it a few times.