Help! Inflatable kayak dilema

I bought a used INTEk inflatable & lost the removable skeg on very first day! Looking to BUY non working inflatable kayak
Must be INTEK k1 single kayak
Will buy for $15 max

I don’t know which model Intex you have, but for some models the skegs are available on Amazon. For example:

Pool toy.

Don’t go far from shore with that kayak. It’s not meant for anything other than a pond. Be careful.


Second the “pool toy” comment and the warning on where to take it. That’s actually a raft, not a kayak. You shouldn’t be paddling it in any water where you need the skeg.

Personally I would not take a craft like that out in anything larger than a farm pond or deeper than a wading pool. I saw them on display in a Lowe’s home improvement store last year and didn’t know whether to be amused or appalled…