Help! Is there a

If there is a rowing website for fixed seat recreational rowers I cannot find it. I row canoes, guideboats, dories, rafts, and a converted kayak.

Can anyone help with some good rowing sites that are not about competitive row shells on flat water?

Use your Search Engine for “rowing websites”.


The greenspun Open Water Rowing website was pretty much the only fixed seat discussion board on the web. Too bad it’s no longer active.

Try Duckworks. It’ll link you to boat builders who, among other topics, write about open water fixed seat rowing and rowing boats.

I knew about Duckworks but didn’t know about the Traditional boat folks.

thanks for sharing the info!

here’s one.

How a fitting reply considering your profile text:

“paddle all craft and keep and open mind”

If I had any spare time I’d love to row. Check the seagoing skiffs at under ‘Mer’. Doesn’t look boring to me.


When surf kayaking I might crash one in every ten or more rides. When surf rowing my odds of getting out and back again without a spectacular misshap are about 50%.

I don’t see how any kind of rowing is more boring than any kind of paddling. Even “boring” flat water has it’s nice scenery.

I’m often asked to carry gear for other paddlers. Just remind me not to carry any of your gear on any multi day Whitewater trips.

Thanks for anouther neat link! The folks here at come through again.

jvb, I must be easily amused.

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I've been on three P-Net trips on the Wisconsin River, and one thing a number of folks said each time is that it looked like I was having a blast in the rowing boat that I used. I suppose there must be something wrong with me, because I had no clue I should have been bored to tears.

Still, for travelling on big lakes or big rivers, I'd put a decent rowing boat against one of those slow-poke, wind-prone Prospectors any day.

Okay, in actual fact, I like Prospectors, but I'm making a point here about short-sightedness. It struck me as very strange that you use a composite Prospector for lake paddling despite its severe limitations (as a solo boat, try keeping up with a decent solo tripper, or making the boat do anything at all when the wind is blowing 30 or 35 mph), yet you think rowing (which works very well in high wind and big waves, and which is faster than most canoes) must be boring.

maybe we should place all boating activities in one of two categories:

either BORING or STUPID.

Life certainly would be simpler. P-Net could even sell t-shirts that say I’M WITH BORING, but I think the other one is readily available elsewhere!

more links

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(scroll down)

I love the diversity of boats in the photo -- looks like a fun bunch to meet on the water.

Rowing Sites:

– Last Updated: Apr-19-06 12:03 PM EST – is probably the best as an information source has a decent discussion board is the national governing body's site

I know you are looking for traditonal recreational fixed seat rowing, but these are a good start.

…Yahoo! groups doryboat.

rowers rule
Wayne lysobey is a great athlete who always beats me bad at and try lighthouse to lighthouse race. They can tow a water skiier.

you are so right
i have updated my profile…

Another one is a webpage maintained by the Open Water Rowing Club of Sausalito CA, and they have a lot of good info on rowing in rough water, which is an amazing experience.