HELP-Kayaking/Camping sites in NY?

After being out of work for 4 months I finally landed a job and have only 1 week off before starting work, (stress level maxed) and would love to get away from it all by myself. I’m a intermediate level kayaker, purchased my 12’ kayak 1 month ago and overwhelmed with all the sites. I live on Long Island, NY.

I’m looking for a place upstate for a few days to camp, with lake/river, and possibly allows pets. Time is short and would appreciate any suggestions.


Check out this website.
All kinds of info on camping/paddling in the daks.

be flexible
NY campsite use is setting records this year. People are going camping “local” and not travelling, so the camgrounds have been full.

Thanks-Keep the replies Coming
Thanks guys…I’ll have to WADE through all the sites. Maybe I’m being unrealestic, but was looking to park close and camp, kayak with little carrying. 1st time and by myself.

Cranberry Lake
1) Cranberry Lake: There is a DEC campground on the north edge of Cranberry lake that would allow you to do a number of day trips from shore. There is also lots of nearby hiking to keep yourself entertained on windy days.

2)Saranac Lake: Another option is Saranac Lake but you may have to paddle to campsites there. Middle and Lower are the typical places to go but as a previous poster pointed out may be full.

3) Lake George has some interesting sites but can be a bit unmanagable in a boat that size if there is a lot of wind.

4) You could also do day trips along most of the finger lakes as well (Skinneatles, Cayuga, Seneca) with a number of campgrounds to choose from that have nice launch points.

In any case, until labor day, I would try to get reservations somewhere before heading out.

Good luck!


Norrie Pt. is state and
Croton Pt. is county , and they and other sites are all in the Hudson River water Trail Guide. Go to an go to link for book .

guide has camp sites an put-ins an all the info yer after .


more info on cranberry lake

Thanks, Amy, Mark. Mike and everyone for your suggestions. You’ve been a big help.

Saranac Lake
For what its worth…

Both middle+lower saranac campsites were not filled up yesterday.

Bad weather forecast maybe. (Beautiful day nonetheless).


Rollins Pond
This is one of the nicest car camping sites, with access to lots of water. The water levels are on the high side this year, so the creek passages near there are more easily passable. Middle Saranac/Weller Pond is our favorite for water access camping without portaging. Have fun!