Help Keep Padding Lake Safe

This may not be the right place for this but reaching out to attempt to get a few more people to sign this petition if you’re willing it’ll only be a minute of your time. There’s a movement to change the boating laws on the lake I grew up on to decrease safety regulations for swimmers and paddlers and cater more to motorized boats. I’m just hoping we can get a few more people to sign the petition to keep our lake and hopefully additional lakes safe to continue using for activities besides just ski boats. We should all share the water. Thank you in advance to anyone who’s willing to add their name and help support.

Might make more headway if you open by telling people that the lake is in Washington State and the county it’s in.
It doesn’t do any good if I sign the petition living in Idaho. Won’t even matter if the signer is in Washington if they aren’t in the jurisdiction.

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