Help! Know any amputee vets??

Looking to start a program getting American Vets on the rivers paddling canoes and kayaks. I wonder if any of you know any who are missing arms and legs? Legs in particular!! Would like to contact them about this. Its a good way for them to realize they are not imobile and the freedom that the water does by taking you along is very theraputic etc.

Had a fried who was a paraplegic and he paddled the mackenzie in canada…1300 miles…solo…three times!!

legs in particular?
maybe i am reading it wrong but that sounds really offensive and discriminatory to me.

arms not as good as legs?



I think he didn’t mean it offensively. I think it was more aimed at the fact that it would be tough for someone missing an arm to paddle.

There are some programs that you could check out that you can help with like the Wounded Warriors program, etc.

Or you could call Walter Reed Hospital in D.C. and they should be able to direct you to a program you can help with.


Already Exists
I know that at least one program like this already exists. I don’t remember the name of the organization or the guys that run it, but they bring a group to Ohiopyle (Youghiogheny River) at least once or twice a year. They’re doing the lower yough in kayaks for certain. They may also be on the middle yough in other types of boats. I think at least some of the guided outfitters donate equipment or shuttles. Wilderness Voyagers definitely participates and may be able to provide contact info.

Please don’t be discouraged that someone has already thought of this first. I’m sure there are more wounded vets than there are programs to accommodate them. I hope you make this work. Good on you.

I would start with
Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I believe many Army amputees are treated there. I’m not sure what the Navy’s (USMC’s) facility is.

Disabled Adventurers

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Here's the link to the website...

Great ideas and solid DIY information, wonderfully helpful people. They have diagrams for some very clever one-armed paddling rigs that work really well.

The very best of luck with this.

Already exists: Team River Runners

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Here's an article on our chapter that appeared the other day in the Asheville Citizen-Times: .

You can Google Team River Runners for information on the main organization, based in Washington, and other chapters across the country.

The program exists to use kayaking as a healing modality for Veterans' wounds of all kinds: amputees, brain-injured, PTSD, etc., as well as helping their families and active military.

Please join us!

No more
Both eventually died due to complications.

no worries
Sorry if my typing phrase was limited, of course not trying to offend anyone.

I dont’ know much about losing an arm or leg but I do know that its much easier to paddle if you have arms verses the other way around…Not sure about adapting program for those without arms etc. Its all new to me so gotta start somewhere. Thanks for your help all.


What the hell are you talking about?
You need to get your facts straight before you run your mouth or finger your keyboard! (Now that didn’t sound right . . .)

I just posted about my regular activities in TRR, and referenced other activities currently underway, posted on the Net.

Your thoughtless post could discourage some interested veteran who could use the program.

Geez! Don’t you just love the know-it-alls?!

the ACA has
a class for disabled paddlers or politically correct -differently able paddlers . You can get additional info bout it .

keep it up !! A good thing !


If you are looking

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to help people locally, to your profile, contact the nearest branch of the V.A. I bet they would be glad to help you. Another option for local stuff would be to contact the VFW, DAV, or American Legion. They might already have members helping service men get outdoors and might take any help they can get.

Just guessing.
But, maybe he meant that he doesn’t know any amputees anymore, the 2 he knew passed away.


Related for challenged paddlers…

I know a few one-armed paddlers…
Maybe not as fast, but they still get across the water and down river.

Why only vets?

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They aren't the only amps out there.

Try the Stumps R Us web site.