Help! Landlocked On Vacation!

After much cajoling, I have been convinced that I should take my family down to Disney (FL) this coming December during holiday break. Now I had previously made it clear that all vacations shall be coastal, but the wannabe attorneys in training managed to point out the many paddling trips I have actually brought them on under the guise of “vacation” and feeling guilty, I capitulated. Now I never said I wasn’t going to paddle, but I need help…where can a guy go within an hour from Orlando to get a paddling fix?

These won’t cut it??


Make a clean break
Load up your boats in the dead of the night and move to the local Motel 6. In time you will loose all memory of your family, while happily paddling with your P-Net buds. Life will be good.


Pirates of the Caribbean
I wonder how far you get through the ride before the Disney Police figured out how to stop you?

Paddling the lake…
There’s a lake in front of Magic Kingdom that I’ve looked at and wondered about paddling.

That and some of the little rivers that connect some of the resorts and parks.

Otherwise, have you seen this…

Take them to Anaheim Disneyland instead.

Wekiva River and Rock Springs Run
Are probably the best closest ones.

The Hillsboro River to the south is a nature lovers paradise, but it might be a bit far.



Stay at Orlando Renaissance Grande
Lakes (Marriott).

It is a superb hotel with a pool that will make u forget about paddling.

Check out my review on

C’mon down…
What do you like?

Within an hour of Orlando, you can paddle the salt water of Mosquito Lagoon, or surf on the Atlantic side, the small rivers of Little/Big Econ, Deep Creek if you like Cypess trees, or the clear waters of the Wekiva River and Rock Springs. The very large waters of the St. John’s. I believe you could get to Ocala forest in about an hour. This opens up the wonderland of Silver River, and Juniper Run. A bit futher and the Ocklawaha and Withlacoochie await.

There are lakes everywhere you look, and the Gulf coast is the best of all, but you wouldn’t make it in an hour.

Give us a holler if you want some paddlin’ company,



Sweetwater kayaks
In St. Pete’s is less than 2 hours away - need a lesson?

to some for their local knowledge, others for their wit. I will be exploring some of these suggestions over the next few months.

Will you need to rent?
Or bringing your own kayak?

Plenty of places to paddle, but not many places to rent within an hour of Orlando.

Launching at King’s Landing in Apopka, you can paddle the exquisite Rock Springs Run. King’s Landing rents canoes and a few SOTs. Here is their website:

Thanks Sissy
I’ll check it out.

Or you could try a different fluid…