Help--Looking details on this kayak

Can anyone help?

  1. can it be used in lakes?
  2. length of kayak?
  3. tunnel size?
  4. weight I believe is 160-240lbs!
    I believe it is for whitewater.

Perception Mirage perhaps 1990’s whitewater hull. About 13 feet length. Can be paddled on lakes with expectation of poor tracking. See for picture from Perception catalog including weight ratings. If by tunnel size you mean for spray skirt? If so tunnel is term for section that goes around paddler and determined by waist/chest. Coaming or cockpit size you might check with Seals or Snapdragon.

Thanks very helpful!

yeah, a perception mirage- what kind of wall does yours have on the inside- plastic tubular or foam pillar? For a ww boat it’s pretty speedy on the flats- unfortunately it has a really hard seat- uncomfortable for sitting in long periods of time, Its length and long ends made it good for doing enders, an old school ww trick- pearls out when surfing, but an easy to roll boat. Consider adding a backband if it doesn’t already have one added.