Help make my kayak more comfortable

I have a Pelican 100, and my borther has a Pursuit 80, price was the major foactor in getting these kayaks, and so far for the money I would say they are worth it. Now I wonder if there is a seat pad or back pad we could use to make them more comfortable? I can’t really seam to find anything. I already added paddle holders to them, and they work fine. Mostly I’m looking for what we can do to make it more comfortable for your back (especially for the 80). If you could provide links I would really appreciate it.

I hate to say you kinda get what you pay for, but on the other hand, I’ve even had kayaks that cost over $1000 new that were lacking in reasonable seat position. To retrofit another seat in one of these would cost about as much as the boats themselves BUT you might try a pair of these inflatable seat cushions: one under you and one behind,,3249V_Crazy-Creek-Air-Seat-BackrestandCushion-II.html

They have nylon straps that allow you to attach them to existing seats and I’ve bought several since Sierra Trading Post has had them so cheap. Being able to adjust the pressure really does help fine tune the comfort level in a funky kayak seat. These are well made with a recessed valve and even come with a patch kit.

Don’t inflate them too much – you don’t want to sit any higher in the kayak than you need to. And if you are practicing good paddling technique you should not be leaning back against the seat back except when resting. Sitting up straight and rotating your upper torso with your strokes will relieve the discomfort slouching can cause and improve your forward speed and fitness.

Seal Line Backrest
I put one of these Seal Line backrest pads on my boat and it helped immeasurably:

Mounts with velcro. Found it online for half price, but I forget where – sorry!

Closed cell Foam
You can make your own seat pads from closed cell foam and attach with contact cement. One sleeping pad should be enough to outfit both kayaks. Use thin cardboard to make a template and transfer the pattern to the foam when you get the exact shape you want.

Shop around for used kayaks and you may be able to upgrade as your skills advance. The first kayak is always a learning experience and many paddlers want something else within the first year.

i have the pursuit 100 to
i just got used to the seat btw i think it is a great kayak for the money

May be too costly but I recommend
Yak Pads. I use them on the seats that have no padding. They have 3 designs- I have the low back types. Like them alot.