Help.. may have made a cleaning error

OK so I bought the tripper, and didn’t notice some pretty bad white marks, and a few brown spots like old rubbed off sap or something.

I noticed them on the canoe after my first trip to the lake. I tried washing them off with warm water mild soap and elbow grease but no luck.

So i think i may have done something stupid… I tried to use a magic eraser on it ;( it easily cleaned all of the scraping marks, ans some of the sap looking marks however it left those spots brighter than the rest of the canoe.

Old Town says to get the color and shine back into it just use a bottle of pledge polish.

So i guess i am wondering are magic erasers safe to use on them, or did i permanently ruin those spots on the canoe where it is brighter than the rest. Can i just use the pledge to wax it down nice and make it sparkle again.

What do you guys use to remove scratch marks like paint or color marks/ scratches?

There are also a few scratches on it and Old Town says to buy and use there product for that. Has anyone ever used it and is it easy to use or do you have to sand it down and put some type of repair work into it??

Thanks Guys.


Bigger fish to fry…
Personally I do not worry about those issues with any of my boats. A good wash and some 303 a couple of times a year and your boat will be fine.

If you put on 303 it will be nice and shiny until it hits the water but you get the UV protection long after that.

If you are really worried about taking off marks and stuff. MEK works great but you really should where chemical gloves while using it and use it lightly as it can soften royalex and other materials.

Regarding what you have already done. Unless there is damage to the boat. I would just paddle and forget about it.

Congratulations, Jordan!

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You've thoroughly cleaned areas on your boat, removing years of mildew, algae, road grime, and oxidation masking its original color.

Magic Erasers are mildly abrasive, however, so you've also likely dulled the sheen a tad, but not to worry.

All that's needed now is to evenly treat the entire hull (avoiding the graphics) as you did the clean spots, apply some 303, and rub, rub, rub, 'til it looks like it just came off the truck from Old Town!

Edit: Oh, and try naphtha (lighter fluid), mineral spirits, and/or denatured alcohol on the dried sap before you use the Magic Eraser.

I'd recommend making it a winter project.

Soak the entire boat in acetone.
Then sue me.

Hahah. Thanks for the info guys. I guess i wont worry about the magic eraser spots as they are much brighter than the other parts of the canoe possibly because it cleaned it LOL.

That is correct but most important
Ya those spots are clean now but is the canoe working for you, do you like how it paddles ? Road test results please !!!

And Congrats, you have a great hull design there.

take an arty look at the mistakes then create something cool from it…the Haida Challenge