Help me buy 1st Kayak

-- Last Updated: May-24-07 11:40 PM EST --

Hi all! I am new to the kayaking sport. I am looking to purchase my first Kayak. I prefer sit in but I am also open to your advice. I need a kayak. I am looking to spend about 600. I know theres not that much to choose from but enough to confuse me.

Heres what I would like to do with it.

Lots of half day trips maybe up and back down the river. Most bodies of water will be calm.

However, I would like the option to get through minor rapids , tight places, and I may like to give it a shot on the ocean on a VERY calm day and just along the shore.

I like to fish, photograph, and record lots of things. Wildlife will have to be either deaf or I need a quiet kayak.

My personal liking (looks & comfort wise) has landed me looking at the Loon 100 due to price and also the perception montour. I hear a lot of complaints about the little thing on the back (oops forgot what it was called.)

Weight I am okay with 55 ish..

All advice MUCH appreciated...



BTW I am 5' 9" and weigh 155 (if that helps)


I agree with Doc
Buy used.

Used is Good
At 155 pounds and doing day trips you won’t need much volume. Go check out your local dealers and see when they have demos. You can test drive boats for free. You can also rent boats for a day or two. Try before you buy. Keep your eye on smaller, lower volume boats.