help me buy a new canoe

I’m confused and need help. I want a new canoe but there are so many. I canoe mostly easy rivers I love to go to Missouri in the spring when I’m tired of snow {current,jack’s fork,white river} I have also canoed the colorado through Moab area. Anyway I load my old town discovery down with my girlfriend, malamute 100lbs., cooler, and fishing gear so weight is an issue.any recomendations? I thought the old town Appalachian looked good but would consider antything, oh yeah I don’t want to spend alot around a grand would be great.

What are you looking for?
What don’t you like about the Discovery that makes you want a new canoe?

The Appalachian and similar boats work well on moving water, but you give up some speed and tracking for the increased manueverability. For easy rivers you might prefer one of the Penobscots.

Thr Royalex version of the Bell Northwind might work for you, or the Alaskan.

I think people will like Discoveries
longer if they put some Minicell slabs under the center thwart to prevent the bottom from pooching up. We rented a Discovery on the Edisto, and found the oil-canning caused rotten handling. But with the bottom held down where it belongs, the Discovery hull designs are OK.

The minicell slabs can be made into a wonderful center seat for occasional solo use. Wings can be extended forward to make a portage yoke.

OT penobscot 17
This one might be worth you time to try.