help me choose 1st yak

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I have never fished out of a kayak, and have been scouring reviews for the past few months. I originally wanted to go with a new kayak, but have found a local guy selling the below mentioned boats. The prowler seems like the better boat overall but is it worth the extra $200 bucks? I am torn, help me out.

Both are used models:

Ocean Kayak Prowler, which has some additional flush mount rod holders added. It's a few years old but good condition overall for $450

Mainstream Kingfish same as above with additional rod holders added, good condition overall for $250

I want to add I will be fishing slow rivers, smaller lakes, and maybe some close to shore Lake Michigan fishing.

That’s a pretty decent
deal on the Prowler – I assume it’s the 13 footer?

Get the Prowler.


it’s a 13 footer. It sounded pretty good to me. Didn’t know what the masses had to say.

Check the masses

Check out the Prowler 15’…
I had the Prowler 13 and loved it…but I wanted more speed and stability in big, rough water (ocean). The P13 has slightly more leg room and is at the top of most kayak fisherman’s list. That said, I love my P15 for speed, excellent glide, stability, and room. You won’t go wrong with either one.,1446W_Ocean-Kayak-Prowler-Angler-Kayak-Sit-on-Top-154-%C2%BD-.html

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