Help me choose a seat for my new Petral Play

I’m having a Petral Play built for me and need to pick a seat-any recommendations out there?

Thanks in advance.

Is it being built by CLC?
If so, I would go with the one pictured here (at the top):

but I don’t know which one it is (of the ones pictured below it)
This is what TurningPointBoatworks uses (builds composite Petrel Plays)
I have one and love the seat.

It’s being built by an experienced friend. My CLC17 has the “Happy Bottom Pad” but it doesn’t seem to work-my bottom is less than happy after an hour :frowning: thanks for the suggestion.

I have had two Petrel Plays and outfitted them both with foam seats from Redfish Kayaks. You will not be sorry.

I put one of these in my Anas Acuta and couldn’t be more pleased. Most others made the seat too high, or not comfy enough. Sweet Cheeks 100 Black with Stripe - Jackson Adventures

The Guillemot Kayaks foam seat works great in the Petrel Play.