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OK, getting ready to buy kayak. I want one to take camping to use in rivers, lakes, marshes, and Level 1 whitewater occasionally. There is a bit sale in the area nad have narrowed it down to the following, so please help me choose. I have read good and bad on each. Oh yeah, I am 6’1" and 244 lbs. Will be carrying on a goal post on front of my F350 since I tow a fifth wheel. Leaning towards SOT for photography and fishing, as well as general flexibility. First hardside so trying to keep cost down. Using Sea Eagle now for son and I, now I want hardside just for me!

Perception Sport Pescadore 12.0 Kayak (favorite)

Future Beach Trophy 144 Kayak

Ascend™ FS12T Sit On Top Angler Kayak

Ocean Kayak® Prowler Trident 11…

…any SOT is going to be a wet ride in whitewater or if the waves are big enough…If the water is cold…your gonna get cold unless you wear waders/top to stay dry and warm. SOT’s are much easier to get on and off than a SINK. a SINK would be better for rougher waters IMO.

lots of resources

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since all of these are SOTs and fishing is on your list, you could post on the separate board here called "Fishing from Kayaks and Canoes" where more people w. SOT/fishing experience would see it.

There's also a very good board for SOT paddlers called where you could search their archives and ask questions of the people there, too.

there's also a board called that's been going strong since 1997.

Of the four you list, Ocean Trident is prolly the most wellknown and Ocean kayaks have a good rep for quality SOTs. The resale value would be good. The Pescadore also looks good design wise, and w. a weight capacity of 340 would be good for you and your gear.

I tend to think at your overall size and height tho you'd find a 12 footer kind of cramped legwise. Might want to at least test drive an 13 or 14 footer.

MIght want to add the Cobra SOTs, the WS Tarpon series, the Heritage Redfish, the Heritage SeaDart (discontinued but a great fast SOT in 14 feet)for consideration. They are proven designs that have more of a track record and more reviews.
RTM Disco from France is worth finding too. The Seadart and Disco are particularly fast.

Some of these are drier rides than others, but as noted above you will get wet and more exposed to the air in any SOT, so think about what you'll be wearing in the shoulder seasons.

At your size, you’ll do better in a 14 footer.

Jim 6’1" & 220#

Heading out tomorrow. Probably going to start with the

Perception Sport Pescadore 12.0 Kayak. Read it compares very well to the Wilderness Tarpon 120 which I have heard no complaints about anywhere. Gonna buy it with option to return. Good advice on here, and I am limited more by budget, especially since this is my first.