Help me choose! Tribe 13.5 vs Corona

Title says it all really. I’m having an issue choosing between the FeelFree Corona and the Perception Tribe 13.5. Corona is 799 at local dealer and includes seats and paddles, it’s a preorder and I can get it the end of the week. Tribe has no paddles, high back seats and is an Amazon purchase for delivery in 2.5 weeks for 760.

It’s going to be me and 2 kids (5yo and large 8yo) mostly paddling in the lake behind the house and occasionally going elsewhere one day (hopefully). Input would be helpful. Thanks so much everyone.

Couldn’t find a photo of the Corona. Is it a tandem? I’ve seen many Tribes out and about and they get good reviews.
Two kids are quite a load . Kids move around a lot and get bored very quickly.
Have you considered a canoe?

Austin Kayak shows specs for the Corona. The Tribe is listed as weighing 65 lbs versus 79 lbs for the Corona. Both heavy but SOTs are heavy. But if you plan to carry the kayak anywhere or put it on top of a car, that weight difference is pretty big. I’ve never used a SOT or a tandem, so can’t offer any other useful input.


So where we live a canoe isn’t allowed. Weird I know. At least one of my kids will want to paddle with me and they can alternate. Additionally, kids will get antsy and knowing mine we will end up in the water on a nearly daily basis. I took a look at used that I can find online. Turns out with a nationwide tandem kayak demand and dealers are finding shortages and manufacturers can’t keep up. The worthwhile used ones I found are being priced 500 or higher and that’s without seats or paddles.

That’s a good looking tandem.

So it’s between this and the other coloring. The one thing I didn’t think about was the weight difference when loading up. facepalm

That is a significant weight difference. Your body will know it. I would go for the lighter colors. I love dark blue but it is hard to see on the water.


So now I’m seriously reconsidering. I had been leading to the Corona (ironic, I know). The Tribe is OOS everywhere even Amazon now. So I’m looking at around a month or so most likely. I’m impatient and my kids are dying for one. But I have Amazon credit and even factoring on buying paddles I’ll save about 200 out of pocket. Only concern is that reviews on Amazon are showing the wrong kayak or damaged one showing up.

First World Problems

Update: The 2019 model is 67lbs. 2020 is also 79lbs. Now it’s probably just going to come down to what’s available first.

How and on top of what would you load this for car topping? Or would that not be a factor for a while, use a cart to get it to the water?

Reason I ask is that the weight reaches into a range where paddling may involve a third party rack to car top it.

I currently have a Pilot. No installed rack. The FeelFree has a built in skegwheel. Perception requires purchase of a cart regardless. But for the time being it’s probably a non issue. My oldest is only 8 so it’s not like he’s going to be able to help me load and unload. We’ll still have to rent or borrow for another couple years when/if we travel (unless I’m allowed to go somewhere leaving all 3 kids at home…)

Interesting that the Corona became “heavier” from 2019 to 2020. It’s good that the weight difference is no longer a factor, but too bad that the darn things are so heavy.

Go with the Tribe. Well made and can handle any type of water. I’ve had the 9.5, 11.5, and 13.5. REI ships kayaks free to your house while their stores remain closed.

I looked into REI tribe not just OOS but no longer available. If I could find a reliable source for the Tribe with no shipping fee I would get it immediately. But between buying paddles and shipping that kills me.

@jacobrts – I wouldn’t count on the FeelFree’s skeg wheel being much use, if that means anything to you. The Tribes all come with a replaceable skid plate, which is probably just as good.

I’d go with the Tribe if you can get one, just for the weight difference. It’s also a few inches longer. I have a Tribe 11.5 (solo) and it isn’t bad.

I’d pick the Tribe for the seats.

Does anyone have contacts that might have the tribe in stock and don’t charge half the cost to ship? So far everyone outfitter and store called says they’ll get it in between 6 and 12 weeks. The claim is perception is shipping out only once a week due to complications from COVID-19.

In 12 weeks summer is basically over and a large part of the reason I’m getting it is for the kids.