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My current kayak Jackson Cuda 14 is getting too heavy for me to get on the rack on top of my truck. I do not fish much in it and am looking to downsize (weight). We have looked at very small, Hurricane Skimmer 106, the weight is great, but I am concerned about poor tracking. Will those track ok? Is there something better I can go with? TIA

How do you use the kayak? What type of padding do you do? What does the water look like (moving rover, small pond, ocean)?

Immediate thought is that if you are used to 14 foot kayak, you won’t like a 10.5’ kayak. Eddyline makes a 14’ sit on top that would be much lighter than the Cuda.


We don’t paddle anything challenging. Some smaller lakes, a few lazy rivers or spring runs, and some intercoastal waterways. I used to do more fishing, but now just recreational.

Doesn’t sound like you will have limitations related to how you paddle on what boat you use. So it will come down to whether you like the shorter boat or would prefer a longer boat. Does seem that most who make this type of consideration (SOT in calm water) prefer to stay longer.

Assuming you have the Hurricane brand available locally, perhaps a split the difference of looking at the 128 would be a way to go.

In the flatter waters the 10’6" boat will be okay, but slower than your 14 footer.

On the Intercoastal I have think at least a 14 foot boat is much better. The water can get choppy and short boat can get caught between the choppy peaks and valleys. Longer boats tend be a smoother ride.

I have never seen an Intercoastal that stayed the same through the course of a day. They can be affected by tides, winds, or power boats.

14’4” Stellar Puffin 27-36lbs depending on construction would fit your uses nicely.

I had the same weight issue with my Coosa HD. Loved the yak but could no longer handle the weight. I got a Hobie Lynx and have been very happy with it. Super stable and only 40lbs (without the peddles). Only issue is that it is more fragile than the Coosa. It’s fine for any lake but be careful in a “rocky” river

I like the Hurricane 12’8" better than the 106. It glides better and is more stable.

Might consider a loader that fits in your hitch receiver. It’s a T shape with height adjustments and a swivel top. You end up handling 1/2 the weight…and get to keep the craft you like.


Srockey - I have a Delta 14. It weighs 42 lbs and is 14 feet long (about $1,800). I think it would be great for your application. I wouldn’t try to fish out of it though. It is classed as a touring kayak, absolutely suitable for salt water, lakes, slow rivers etc. It comes with a rudder. Another one is the Delta 16, which is (you guessed it) 16 feet long @ about 49 lbs (about $2,500). It is classed as a performance touring kayak. More rocker so it is a bit more maneuverable. A very good kayak as well. Hope this helps.

I have a Hurricane Skimmer 128 that I use mostly for fishing. It paddles great, tracks good, only weighs 45 lbs., but does weathercock bad enough that I added a rudder for when I’m fishing down wind.

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You will never be hapy with a 10’yak. Most of them really suck. Stay with the 14’ & shop for a composite. My Kestrel is 43# Best yak I have ever owned.


Delta lists the 14 as weighing 45 lbs. Some years ago Delta told me that their advertised weights don’t include the rudder or skeg, so it may be more than 45 lbs. The Delta 12.10, which comes standard with no rudder or skeg, is listed as 41 lbs. I believe the 12.10 would suit the OP’s intended uses, as would the Hurricane Sojourn 135 (45 lbs).

If you get a chance, check out the Swift kayaks. The 13 1/2 footers will weigh in the mid-30 lbs. They are made of Kevlar or Carbon fiber layups, a bit pricey, stiff and paddle very, very nicely.