Help Me Decide On A SUP

I am a looking to get my first solid touring board - (Currently, I have a Red Paddle Inflatable Sport 12’6"). I am hoping for something with good glide and speed and won’t actually be using it for long distances. All flat water- local lakes and creek
My local paddle store has these 3 to pick from and I am wondering how old they are and if anyone has had experience with them:
Starboard Elite Tour 12’6" Width 29.5"
Sonic 12.6
Naish Glide 14

Thank. you!

Hi there,

Two Bare Feet have a really good range, a few of my friends have used their SUPs for surfing in winter, so it would definitely be a great fit for flat water!

I’ve tried out my friend’s board before, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking to get one of my own - just need some recommendations on where to go over winter!

I would pass on this review. Poster joined Pnet in order to post this. Never heard of the brand.

I have not used either the Starboard or the Naish, I have used some of their surf oriented boards. They are respected brands that make good products. You need to check how these will work with your weight.
Best bet is to try them out. Look for reviews online and it will give you an idea of when they came out. I’m suspecting the Starboard board will be more like what you are looking for. Also make sure you discuss with the local shop folks, they can help you the most, if they are actual paddlers.

The Naish is rated as one of the best boards for 2020 in seven or eight lists. I only saw the Starboard on one, the Sonic on none.

Naish also has a good reputation and probably the highest resale value, especially in the newer fast tourer class.

All that aside, try them out and see what fits.

I agree if it was for me and I had the $$$ I would take the Naish board. Just from watching videos it looks like a much faster paddling board. I suspect is much more expensive than the Starboard that is likely older stock. The original poster may need to deal with needing more stability and less length for paddling "creeks"where I assume the Starboard board would be better, also thinking about trashing an expensive Naish while Creeking. Best to get local advice when buying I think.