help me find a kayak trip ..south usa

i live in toronto ontario…looking to do a 7 day solo kayak camping trip …preferably on a river…or river/lake combination…no or short portages…looking for warm weather …good fishing …wonderful scenery …the usual …willing to drive 18 hours south …preferably straight south from buffalo …posted on the other topic …but no response…can anyone help me …thanks stan

Edisto River, South Carolina
Near Charleston

Might not be seven days, but there are any many rivers in that area.

Roanoke River VA/NC border

Meets… HELL… EXCEEDS all your requirements.

Need more info ?
How do you expect to get back to your vehicle, or are you thinking of out and back ?

there are a bunch of seven day out and back ones all over the south.

How many miles do you want to paddle in a day ?

If ten, there are a bunch of paddles, if twenty there are not too many.

I know you said lake or river, but there are some good opportunities for some circular trips in the Everglades or the straight through wilderness waterway.

When are you going ? - NC, SC, Georgia, and north Florida can get mighty cold in December, Jan and Feb.



Tenesaw Delta Alabama
Yhe lower part of the alabama and Mobile river go through a large delta full of alligators ,bears wild pigs and is mostly publicly owned. There is good fishing and camping is available. You can start up river and go as long as you want. Mobile Bay is 30 miles or so long and has a barrier island at the end. Then you can go east along the coast towards florida or west to New Orleans. If you wish you can start at Demopolis or Coffeeville(100 0r 200 miles) and spend the entire trip on the river. It is some of the wildest country in the USA.

Here is a great trip
If you will go to and then to the blog you can read the day to day accounting of my greatest trip and pick a section.

If I can give you any advice plase send me an e-mail.

It truly is a great trip and you can paddle as much as you want.

Paddlin’ on


Okeefenokee Swamp

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The Okeefenokee Swamp and Suwanee River in South Georgia/North Florida are incredible experiences that every paddler should do at least once. Problem with the Okee is getting reservations, but it's worth the hassle. You actually can combine the trips -- at least we did one time. The canoe trail through the swamp was so overgrown that we pulled our boats over the sill and paddled down the Suwanee for a ways. It helped that one of our paddlers had an uncle who lived on the river and was able to portage us back to the Okefenokee put-in.

What makes this area spectacular is that it's a true wilderness with no development and tons of wildlife. The alligators are incredible. The swamp also has platforms to camp on. It can be difficult getting reservations, but there's a reason for that and it pays off if you succeed because you've got the camping areas and trails all to yourself.

Check out the Shenandoah in VA
The Shenandoah in Central virginia is a beautiful trip.

There are many places along the way to purchase provisions and the rolling mountains are great. The fishing is very good.

Have fun,


Stephen Foster State Park

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It is hard to get reservations at Okefenokee. We kayaked overnight in the center of the park and it was something!!!! There is considerable "puker factor" paddling when you can see numerous large alligators on the bank and in the water.
Stephen Foster State park is an option. You can camp at the park and do day trips. We have done this a couple of times and in many ways it is more enjoyable than camping on a platform out in the park. I remeber once going through thick weeds pulling myself by grabbing cyprus knees... I almost grabbed a gator!!!! He was lying there and I didn't see him until the last moment. My wife paniced when we got out of sight and she felt alone. After that she kept up!!!! OTOH my son spent most of the second day paddling alone. This made me very unhappy as he was in my kayak and I was stuck paddling the canoe fully loaded with stuff...tents,coolers food water etc.