help me find a kayak trip south

i live in toronto ontario…looking to take a week kayak camping trip in early november… preferably on a combination lake/ river… short or no portages and if possible a circular route…warmer weather…good fishing…willing to drive 18 hours south of toronto… can you help thanks stan

Suwannee River or Everglades

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I would suggest the Suwannee River first for this time-frame. They have great river camps for free and your other stops can be at the State Parks. Plus a class 2 / 3 at Big Shoals if you are interested. You can call 800-868-914 or visit - for more information.

The Everglades I love, but because of November - there is a good chance of getting eaten up by Mosquitoes.

Those would be my suggested picks.


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I'm not sure how commited you are to the 18 hour time frame. I live in central Florida, and it takes me about 3 hours to get to the GA border. The 'glades are about 5 hours south. I can reach my former home near Binghamton, NY in about 20. My son did it in 17, mostly at night, but youth is a decided advantage at times like that. As far as I can recall, we were about 4 hours south of the International Bridge.
I guess you'd be looking at North Florida, so I'd suggest the Panhandle. The rivers are fantastic, the Gulf paddling is as well.
Most of the streams are easily paddled up river most of the time, so 'cicular' paddle trips are no problem. Of course, it depends on the water level.
The gulf coast, while over developed in many areas, is quite striking. The ocean has a very differant character there.
We have excellent state parks. Some offer cabins. Just reserve as soon as you can, weather or not you tent or cabin it.
Browse around the state park website, and see which area looks like what you are interested in.
Then you can fine tune the search.
If you're looking for a week tripping on the water, see
and add a bit of gulf coast to your favorite river park.
As far as the driving route goes, if you can come down 81 as far as possible, it sure beats 95. 95 is very boring. Besides, you get to miss Philly, Baltimore, DC, get the idea.
Going through Atlanta is best avoided, particularly during weekday rush hours.
Hope this helps you plan.

Agree - Avoid Atlanta
Worst traffic area in the U.S. Always bottle necks no matter what time of day!

I will suggest the Buffalo in Arkansas

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though I have never paddled it in November. It might be chilly or not..

Right now I suspect its got Ikeitis and is in flood.

Its a really beautiful area..any Buff locals around here?

Its a popular area for Ontarians with spring fever. I paddle it in April and its almost all Canadians from Muskoka and London and its only 12 hours.

Look into Caddo Lake, Tx
If Hurricane Ike has not done too much damage.

You can put in at Jefferson and paddle down Big Cypress Bayou to Caddo Lake State Park on day one. There a couple of campsites right on the Bayou which would make it much easier to camp. Then paddle to the primitive campsite on Goat Island on day 2. There are a couple of different paddles you can do out of the camp at Goat Island. Then reverse and go back to state park and finally paddle back up Big Cypress Bayou. Unless they are doing some unusual releases at the dam there should not be any current that would give you a problem going upstream.


Sabine River
If you’re coming down Texas way, the Sabine River would probably be a better trip–absent too much hurricane damage.