Help me find a Prism

I live in Memphis TN and would like to find either a rental business or kind individual that would allow me to test paddle a Wenonah Prism or a Bell Magic.

Does anyone know where the nearest rental outfit that has a Prism or Magic is located relative to Memphis?

Is there anyone living anywhere near Memphis that ownes one and would be willing to let me give it a paddle?


Brennan 901-828-0396 or

your local wenonah dealer. They normally have a rep who has a huge fleet of demo boats. I know my rep would gladdly make arrangements to let me test a specific boat, prior to placing the order with the dealer. You may have to drive to meet up with him(Her?) but that is one easy way to try out the prism. I do not know how the Bell reps program is structured but I suspect it might be similar.


Denver NC

Wenonah Dealer
I’ve got a local dealer but they don’t have one. If I understand your comment you’re saying they can contact a factory rep. who might be willing to meet me somewhere to try one out.

If I’ve understood you correctley, I wasn’t aware they would do that. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check it out. Please let me know if I misunderstood your suggestion.

shoulda posted a week earlier
Drove right through Memphis twice in the last week on the way to/from Louisiana. Coulda stopped by.

You got it!
Ask them if they could arrange for the Rep to bring a demo around the next time he is in town for you to try. Explain that you have the money to order a new one, but don’t want to buy something you have not paddled. If you are honestly interested they should be happy to help you out.

Now be aware that he (She) isn’t going to let you use it all day, but I have had my Rep let us try out a bout for a couple of hours. He even paddled some with the buyer so that he could feel the boat with a different trim.

I suspect Bell reps would do the same.

If you have any problems drop me a e- mail.

J.L. Waters
in Bloomington, Indiana has had a demo ultralight in the shop for several years. Give them a call.

Springtime Demo Days

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...Usually do that on the Spring Demo days held annually. *Hunt down shops in the area and give em a call...finding shops is pretty efficient with Web tools.
On demo day...just get out in one and show some of what you can do in a canoe;-) and hang-out in one till they wave you in;-) can often get into conversations with whoever's shop personnel are in attendance...and can often come upon deals, specials via word of mouth...

Kanoo, that the story of my life. If you ever get back through please PM me. I’d be glad to buy you a nice dinner / lunch etc…

Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions, you advice will be taken.


My local
Wenonah “dealer” (so-called) wouldn’t know a canoe from a tugboat (but they’re happy to place my order and take their cut). When I ordered my Prism two years ago, this dealer’s canoe specialist had never heard of the Prism(!), but he could talk to you for hours about his 'yaks. They have no Wenonahs on the premises to examine, much less try out.

My most recent boat order (for a Wilderness) has been placed through Piragis. They couldn’t be worse, they talk intelligently about canoes, and they deliver to my house. Meanwhile, if you happen to be visiting coastal N. Carolina, look me up and you can try my Ultra-Light to your heart’s content. It’s a dream.

Maybe in May
We head back down to Louisiana in May, if we drive again, and can convince the wife to give us some time, might be able to do it then.