Help me identify this canoe?

Hi guys. First time posting. I just inherited this canoe in a storage unit I took over. Its 17 ft long (I think) and made my Old Town Canoe out of Maine. Its a green fiberglass shell and is in decent condition with oars and various stuff that goes along with it.

Can anybody here tell me the history of this canoe, and what it might be worth? I have no idea how to add photos to this message. I can email to anyone who might know about these things, or if there is a way to post on here I would love to know about it.


Ben R.

Photos, I.D., value

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This message board is pretty simple and old-fashioned, but a photo feature was added to which you can post if you are a paying member. I'm not suggesting that you do that. Just find a free photo-posting site online, put some photos there, and then copy/paste the links to your photos in a message here (you can add them to your original post via the 'edit' feature. If you do a search on "photo posting online" you will get links to a whole bunch of photo sites.

Now, don't get your hopes up that your canoe is worth much. Only a few of Old Town's canoes are sought after by enthusiastic paddlers. The rest range from decent to so-so. Chances are, this green boat that you have is either Royalex (a combination of plastic and vinyl) or polyethylene (plastic similar to that used to make milk jugs). If it is fiberglass, it might be rather rare (and worth more than the plastic and Royalex models, but rarity won't boost the value).

Here's something else to know. There is no company better than Old Town when it comes to their willingness to help people identify their old canoes. Find the Hull Identification Number, which is probably near the back end, up near the top of the hull, and send the company an email (or even call them on the phone) and ask them to de-code it for you. Oh, and I almost forgot: Most of their canoes have the model name displayed on the hull near the bow, names like "Camper, Penobscot, Discovery", etc.

Oh, and people won't snicker behind your back if you call those wooden things used to propel the boat "paddles" instead of "oars". Well, unless they really ARE oars, because some Old Town canoes came with oarlocks so they could be rowed like a rowboat, using - - - oars.

Did you call Old Town?
As mentioned if you give them the H I N number they can tell you everything about the boat

there should be serial # on it. try to find it

look close at the hull it may have had stickers with the name at one time. that may show slightly. And you should measure it with a tape. Then search:old town XX feet

serial # xxxxxxxxxxxx green fiber glass. I had a mystery

boat and that’s how I tracked it down.

I was just like you and all the nice people on this site helped me so I am paying it forward.

Other’s will add more

hope this help’s

and geeze don’t call them oar’s they are paddles! LOL