Help Me Identify this Drysuit (Diving??)


I recently got a great deal on a drysuit on ebay. It was incorrectly identified as a Kokatat Meridian that was special ordered on olive green.

When I got it I found that it had not spray skirt tunnel (not a Meridian) and that it was more than JUST olive green. It has pockets all over it (like a flight suit) and has velcro on the shoulders like for attaching military unit patches (like a flight suit).

It is made by Kokatat, is made of Goretex, has the relief zip and boooties, and a front zip. I cannot find a chest valve as described in an earlier post that dive suits have I guess, and it is made of a much heavier material than the Meridian.

It is obvious to me that this is some sort of a military item, although I am not sure what for exactly.

I am debating over keeping it, re-selling it, or returning it. The seller will refund my money due to the error in the description. At first I was going to return it, but maybe it will work okay for paddling. I have put it on with my paddling gear and it does not feel too restrictive. I wore it around the house for a while and despite the heavy material I did not feel overheated. I am not sure if the heavy material will make the suit much hotter or not, as the material on a shell is generally NOT what insulates, but rather the layers you would wear underneath.

I got the suit for $430 on ebay and it is in practically like-new condition. I think that I got a great deal on it and have found that it is not so easy to find a dry suit with these features at close to this price, and seems hard to find used ones. So I might keep it.

On the other hand, perhaps I have something that is worth MUCH more than I paid for it and that perhaps I could re-sell in order to get another drysuit. The construction on this suit is such that I am sure it would cost quite a bit more than a Meridan, and it is certainly unique. I am wondering if maybe I should re-list it on ebay and if I could end up making money on it if I provide a better description.

What do you think???


Call Kokatat
Why not just give Kokatat a call. If they made it, they can tell you what it is more accurately any of us.

It sounds like a military immersion survival suit.

It’s Christmas day, so here are the
numbers for Kokatat Customer Service:


(707) 822-7621

Merry Christmas!


Be careful
Stolen military gear ends up on eBay all the time. You might want to do a little legwork to make sure you don’t end up being questioned by CID. Ask the guy where he got it.

Immersion Suit
Well, I just looked on ebay and a somewhat similar suit popped up----a military aircrew immersion suit. I guess that would explain the look of a flight suit.

Where it came from…that I don’t know. Perhaps he got it from surplus sale or by some other legitmate means—hopefully.

I am leaning toward sending it back. Too bad though because it is a good price and really is super high quality. It is a bit heavier than you need for paddling. It would be super durable for sure, but may be limit mobility a bit / be too warm.

I am looking at some of the Palm suits. They look great, but not sure about the zipper in the back.


Definitley not a Diving Drysuit
They don’t have relief zippers

How much does it resprict your movements

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I own the polyester goretex version of the kokatat drysuit and I love it. the polyester version lasts so long that you will not replace it for about two decades.

The newer nylon goretex suits are more breathable and will in the long run result in more profits for drysuit making companies. While decent they will not takt the hard use the poly suits will. UV degredation and lighter weight.

I did not know that kokatat made suits for the military, are you sure it's not mustang?

If the thing is not kokatat you paid a bit much but heavy polyseter fabric is good, stiff restrictive fabric is bad.

Thanks for the info. It is a Kokatat, and I think you are right…the difference is that it is a polyester fabric rather than nylon. It is not lots heavier than nylon, but it is heavier—this one even a bit more so because of the added pockets, etc.

It really does not restrict movement too bad. I think you are right about the durability–it is bombproof. The pockets are actually pretty practical as well.

My bigger concern would be about overheating. I am not sure how much warmer it would be given its weight.

I don’t know for a fact that it is military, only that it appears to be given the color, the multiple pockets, and the velcro on the shoulders (like for unit insignia). The seller said it was “custom order.”

Again, not sure what to do. I may get a Palm Torrent with I found on sale for $490 instead.


Does it look like this?


No that’s not it
It is a Kokatat—has the tag in the back.

Here is the URL to the auction below.

I think that it must be a polyester dry suit as described above that is modified by the addition of the velcro pockets, and olive green. Some sort of military application I would guess.


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does contract to the military. Looks like what the aircrews wear. Theirs aren't made for paddling, they're made for an aircraft crash, prolonged immersion in the water until rescue and aren't normally breathable. The extra pockets are for survival gear. Since most aircraft are small, it comes with a relief zipper so they can pee in a bottle or as my friend EXTRA LARGE Ziplock bag with a dried sponge in it. Geez, pilots! ;)

you will not find the polyester suit
that much warmer. The warmth of the drysuit(for paddling) comes from the layers you wear under it. I really like bibs so the small of your back is never esposed. Make sure any underlayers work with your relief zipper of you may as well not have one.

If I were you…
I would put it on and take it for a swim and a paddle and see if it does the job.

You might have something that will work perfectly well for you. You will never know until you try it.

I returned it
I returned the suit and got a Palm Torrent for about $70 more.

In retrospect, the suit was not bad. A bit heavy, but it would be quite durable. It seemed very breathable as well (Goretex and not a lesser breathable membrane like on cheaper suits).

It may be better suited (no pun intended) to canoeing since it did not have the spray skirt.

Anyway, my point is that it will probably be going back up on ebay in the next week or so. Perhaps someone else would like to jump on it. It was a good deal for me at $430, but you may get an even better deal on it if it relists.


Found out…
I called Kokatat today and found out that this is their MASS—Maritime Assault Suit System. It is specially made for the Navy Seals. It was a heck of a suit.

I returned it to the guy, but have not heard from him yet…he received it on the 3rd according to the Post Office, but has not contacted me nor does he answer my emails…hmmmm…

I think that I may contact CID about this issue as I think it probably was stolen. I think that the guy probably had it issued to him and then left the service and took it with him. Has his name on it marking it in several places (as it the standard in the military), yet the guy lives in Arkansas where I don’t think there are any Navy Seal units…

We’ll see.