Help me Identify this Necky Kayak?

Hello, new here! I’ve been waiting for the right kayak to come up for sale for a while now and am looking for some more information on one I found. The seller (owner’s wife, go figure!) doesn’t know much about the year or model. It’s a necky that’s at least 3 years old and is about 14.5’ long. That’s all she could offer up before I go see it this weekend.

Any help/suggestions/price estimate? Thanks in advance!

Looks like an Alsek, probably a lot older than three years. Check out the p-net reviews to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

You can probably tell by the serial number just what year it is. What’s the asking price?


since they don’t still make it
and haven’t for years, I think it’s safe to say it’s older than 3 years.

Just looking at the aluminum rudder is enough to tell you that.

Here’s a link to old catalogs
I have looked up old boats here on occasion to read the original marketing spiel, get the dimensions, etc.

She is asking $550 for now. I don’t think I’d pay that for it judging by how old you guys think it is. Even if I could get it for a lot less, I’m not sure I’m interested in a kayak this old.

Thanks for the help!

Boat Age
Assuming proper care, there’s nothing wrong with a boat that’s several years old.

The main concern is whether it’s been stored indoors or under cover, out of the harmful UV rays of the sun, which is about the only thing that really damages polyethylene plastic. Boats older than, say, 20 years can indeed become brittle even when stored well, simply from cumulative exposure and time …

If all the hardware and fittings are solid (or even if a few bungees or padeyes need replacing), don’t dismiss the boat if it’s what you’re looking for. That price may be a bit high, but if it’s been babied, it may well be worth it.

Happy shopping!


$550 seems high, although I see people sell rec kayaks for that much all the time.

There are two glass kayaks for sale in my area for $800 each. A Current Designs Solstice and a North Shore Fuego. So yes $550 does seem high for a older dated design.

I’d guess over 10 years old.
I base this on the bare alloy rudder and front hatch as well as seat back. Probably 12 years or so.

if it’s well kept
then why not make an offer… might be a good buy at say, $400-450.

I would take a close look at the condition of the neoprene cover or gasket on the stern hatch, the bulkheads, and the rudder linkages.

Sold a couple boats in 2010 of this generation and configuration. $400 - $450. ('97 & '98 Chinook NW)

Pretty sure it’s a Necky Looksha Sport. Nice little boat, almost dead flat bottom where you sit makes it very stable.

The thing that looks like a rudder isn’t, it’s an external pivoting skeg.

Bill H.

Wrong! Gotta love the Internet…

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That is Neckar's original alloy rudder, which was replaced by a Nylon version with an alloy blade. For a while they tried a nylon blade but it failed. The nylon(injection molded)housing with alloy blade design was almost identical to this original aluminum (alloy) non-colored rudder. It was somewhat troublesome with cord retention, and some warranty issues so was re-designed to their current alloy rudder, which is powder coated aluminum alloy. For a while they had a very cool Titanium version which was insanely tough, but market never understood it's value. Current rudder has been excellent with great cord retention, ease of field service, durability, and very low warranty claims.

Boat is an Alsek which is clearly indicated by the decal on the front starboard deck. This boat is pre-2000, and closer to mid-90's.