Help me indentify this canoe…

Hello, I need help identifying the maker of the canoe pictured. It is going to be in an auction and the only description was 16 foot fiberglass canoe. When I call they don’t have any other info. I am trying to decide if it would be worth traveling to the auction. I paddle a Merrimack Tennessean but would like to get my husband his own canoe for Christmas. I paddle stern and he needs his own canoe. Husband and wife fishing in my 14’6” can sometimes be a challenge. :slight_smile:
I do have a general knowledge of condition and repair difficulty and price.
If any one has an idea of maker or a general idea of price with regards to condition. MUCH appreciated!! THX….

Ask for the hull identification number (HIN).


Probably won’t help but since there is an Ohio watercraft license on the boat that license (paper version) should list the manufacturer (long shot). Can’t see the sticker close enough to see how old the license is.

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If you get the HIN the manufacturer’s code is an alpha part of the number. If you get that you can Google a lookup table that will let you know who the manufacturer is.

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