help me name this model Valley kayak

I found this kayak for sale, but the model isn’t listed. I’d like to know what model it is, so I can find the specs on it. I know its made by valley, but I’m not sure what model. thanks for the help.

I want to find out the capacity and if it would be ok for a bigger guy, (235 lbs.)

Do you have access to the serial number? It is towards the stern right below the seam. That would give you the year of manufacture.

What is its length?

The Skerry was in production for quite a while in poly.

The boat in the pic has an ocean cockpit

its sold

I know the Skerray came for awhile with round front and oval rear hatches (no day hatch), but not sure about the ocean cockpit. Can you find out the length and width of the boat?

It’s a Skerrey

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Same boat sitting in my storage. It did come with a keyhole or an ocean cockpit back around '01-'02. The one pictured looks older though, it has a rope skeg, in '01 and later I'm fairly certain it was only available with a cable skeg. I have a keyhole '01-'02 Skerrey-RM (demoed) 4sale if anyone is interested, as well as 2 Avocet-RM '01-'02 (demoed).

Had one just like it and it’s a super fun playful boat. Glue a V-block of foam under the top deck and it’s a great fit. 235 is pushing it if you load it for trips, but not otherwise. Even loaded at 235 paddler weight it will be fine, just not playful with that load. Looks in good shape!

where at?
where are they for sale? I’m in Michigan. do you deliver?