Help me narrow things down. Buying soon.

I cut my own list down to the Sirocco, Alchemy and Zephyr 160. I demoed all 3 of them and can’t say I prefer one over the other. The zephyr seemed like it had less stringent build quality than the others but I could be imagining things. The Alchemy was shorter than I want ( any similar but longer options? ) and the sirocco seemed decent in every regard and would probably be the one I purchased if I did so today based off the perceived higher quality over the zephyr.

I’m looking to spend $1200 and willing to drive but need it soon enough that I can’t just wait indefinitely for a unicorn deal to pop up. I don’t care about saving money unless it doesn’t require a sacrifice to do so.

Will be for weekend to week long light camping ( eno, no tents, minimal comfort supplies etc ) on slow to moderate moving rivers with nothing over class 1, and lakes.

Ps. Poor tracking that you have to constantly maintain is an enjoyment killer for me so thats probably my most important factor. Years of shorter recreational kayaks that do a 180 if you stop paddling for 2 seconds sort of burned me out.

I like CD kayaks and sirroco is base off Gulfstream with many great reviews here on pnet. Magooh has one and should fill you in shortly.

I’ve had my Sirocco for about 11 years, and have really learned to appreciate what a great boat it is for all around paddling. If you can find a new one for $1200, you got a bargain. My advice would be to buy a new one–even if you have to pay a little more. You might get lucky and find a used one in good shape, but used poly boats most often will be in rough shape unless they’ve been treated like I do mine. Mine would pass for a brand new boat and believe me, it has been used a lot.

I haven’t looked at a new Sirocco for some time, so I don’t know if they have changed much about them. If they are exactly the same as mine, there are three things that are easy fixes that make the boat even better. 1) Replace the tiny bungees that hold the back band up with 1/4" bungees. You will have to enlarge the holes in the coaming a little. 2) Re-attach the plastic tape at the faux seam line with silicone adhesive. Otherwise it will come loose. 3) Replace all the deck bungees with the next size up.

As for boat performance, don’t be shy about using the skeg. I almost always use about half the skeg, even when paddling upwind. There’s no point in not using it.

The Sirocco loves rough water and almost does everything for you. If you do happen to get dumped, the boat will come upright by itself if you just stay seated and lean back.

Funktion - sent you a PM.

I just don’t want to not get something better because I overlooked it and the choices are sort of overwhelming. I see a lot of reviews for the sirocco that mention how tippy it is originally but that its quick to adjust to and is actually really stable after the first bit. Would this be accurate?

I’m not really concerned about secondary stability since I’ve never felt like I was going to tip in any boat while moving. I just don’t want initial stability to be bad enough that you have to be mindful ALL the time to stay dry.

I only had about 30 minutes with the sirocco when I demoed them and felt like I was getting comfortable and confident just in time for the experience to be over so I’d really have to paddle it again to be sure.

I CAN safely say I liked the sirocco enough to use it as a template for what I’d like to end up in and am sort of using it as a point of reference to look for options that might be slightly better in certain areas.

I’ve accumulated quite a collection of sea kayaks over the years. In my shed, I currently have sea kayaks manufactured by KajakSport, Valley, NDK, P&H, Seaward, Current Designs, Boreal Design, and Dagger. I really like the Sirocco. It would only be considered tippy by someone without any sea kayaking experience. If you’re fine in any other performance sea kayak, you will be fine in the Sirocco. It is a fairly stable kayak as far as performance sea kayaks are concerned.

And I would qualify it as a performance sea kayak. As your skills improve, you will perform better in the Sirocco. It’s a solid design for challenging conditions. With a little luck, you will eventually appreciate the heck out of its secondary stability. It would almost be a shame if you didn’t. If the fit is good, you’re not going to find a better all-around sea kayak. Just different. I would consider it a good permanent template to establish a point of reference for comparing any other sea kayak you try over the years.

I’m one that really appreciates very different sea kayaks for what they offer me. I feel like a lot of folks get “stuck in a rut”, meaning they tune into a single kayak’s performance, and then when a different kayak’s characteristics trip them up in a brief encounter, it’s because that kayak is “overall” inferior. I have a few that have been known to trip people up, like Seaward’s Nigel Foster Legend, or P&H’s Bahiya. I really enjoy those kayaks.

The Sirocco is not like that. There isn’t really anything there to trip a person up. And yet it isn’t a boring ride at all. I still remember my first impression. Exceptional glide for a kayak that is so easily maneuverable. It’s not a race boat. But it’s not sluggish like some of the other kayaks that can keep up with it’s maneuverability. That’s what makes it such a good reference kayak. A great kayak to get to know intimately if it’s a comfortable fit. And it’s a very respectable kayak to get “stuck in a rut” with, because you’re going to get excellent performance out of it.

The build quality is certainly there in the Current Designs kayaks that I own. And they’ve taken great care of me on the 2 occasions that I’ve had a service request. So I’d give a thumbs up to a Sirocco.

I’m having trouble finding a used sirocco at all. Retail is 25-30% over budget at $1500 and change. I’m running out of craigslist areas to search that I’d drive to. Is there a better way to cast a larger net? And I actually can’t even find a dealer that is local enough thay has one new OR used. So add $60 or so to pay for shipping which I’d be ultra apprehensive about doing even if it was free…

$60 shipping? When it comes to shipping kayaks that essentially Free! Poly kayaks ship common carrier more successfully than composite but there is still a worry there.

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It’s just that a new sirocco is already 300 over budget and shipping pushes that even higher. I can’t find a used sirocco within 500 miles.

Scirocco is supposed to be a real good boat - I haven;t paddled, but know lots of people who love.

A slightly larger version boat than the Alchemy would be the Dagger Stratos, which is 6 inches longer than the Alchemy. But either may be a little small for week long trips.

Where are you and what size are you?

Find a CD dealer that has a Sirocco on hand and make an offer. I would start at $1350. Even if you have to pay more than that, it is going to be inconsequential when you consider the other investments you will have to make. For instance, I don’t believe you have mentioned a paddle, skirt, pfd, wet shoes, wet/drysuit and the list goes on. None of these items and more should be skimped on; the boat least of all.

As the weather warms more kayaks come up for sale. Either people think they will get more for it or they want a different one and sell the older one. Worst thing is to buy something you are settling for.

What area are you in?

@Peter-CA said:
Scirocco is supposed to be a real good boat - I haven;t paddled, but know lots of people who love.

A slightly larger version boat than the Alchemy would be the Dagger Stratos, which is 6 inches longer than the Alchemy. But either may be a little small for week long trips.

Where are you and what size are you?

I’m 5’9 and 180 pounds.

I’m in rural north carolina for reference.

As for the other supplies. I have a carbon werner that I got for a hilariously good deal on Craigslist and have already budgeted separately for a skirt and have money set aside for GPS and “paddling clothes”. I’m probably only getting a comfortable warm weather outfit now but will get a wetsuit before cold weather makes being wet more important.

And I have a PFD that I carry at all times but have literally never worn. This is probably frowned upon by the more sensible folks but I genuinely cannot stand having one on. Almost to the point where it ruins my enjoyment. I tried. I can’t like it. It’s like asking someone to hike up a mountain with a rock in their shoe for me.

I truly don’t feel my jacket. But it took a few to find.

See new one 2015 sirroco 1099

I am located in Eastern NC. I have a Zephyr 160(2016), Venture Easky 17, Prijion Kodiak all in your price range. All are in very good to excellent shape. Also have random other gear, as well. older listing but worth a call