help me pick a Kayak please

I have always wonted a kayak. I am wanting to get something cheap(i know, you get what you pay for) I figure a cheap kayak is better than no kayak.

I am 5 foot 11 inches,205lbs(plan to drop at least 10lbs

I am looking for a kayak to take on local streams that are 90% slow. I am not looking to do tricks and such, just wont to relax and paddle on the local streams.

Can yall recommend a kayak, I see several locally around 200 to 300 and thats really all I can spend right now.

Do I need a longer or shorter kayak, I would have never guessed there were so many different kinds.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help me.


what about this one
I have my eye on this add

10 ’ Perception Super Sport whitewater kayak. White in color. $300 or make offer.

What do you guys think?

Almost anything works for you
Inexpensive recreational kayak, older white water kayak (like the one you mention). That decision is not crucial for what you have in mind. What is important is being safe in whatever kayak you buy. Foremost is flotation. Whatever boat you buy it should have flotation in the stern (inflatable bags). If you get a recreational kayak you may have room for flotation in the bow. Get a decent life jacket and wear it (don’t carry it on the bow or stern of the boat). For floating down rivers a cheap paddle will do. There are lessons that you should consider if they are available in your area. Intro to kayaking one shot lessons will work. You will learn about hazards and safety and maybe avoid things like low head dams or strainers. If you don’t know about those last two, take lessons. You could die.

Try it first!
I don’t think you will like having a tippy white water kayak for slow moving water. But buying a used boat makes a lot of sense.