Help me pick out a kayak.

Ok so I’ve paddled several times so not a total newb but still a beginner. I’m looking to finally get my own boat. I’d like to eventually get into WW, but for the most part I’ll be going down creeks and river and maybe exploring some on nearby lakes. I also want to learn how to roll and play around in the boat. I’ve been looking at crossover boats as those seem to be kind of what I’m looking for.

I’ve found a dagger gt 7.8 with skirt and paddle nearby for $400. I was wondering if a white water boat could be used to explore lakes and calm waters. I know it might be slow and not track the best but just a thought. Also found a dagger vortex but I’ve read tons of poor reviews on these. Just trying to not totally break the bank buying a boat since I’m a poor college kid. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


Of course it can…
My first boat was an old school whitewater boat. It did serve on lakes and out on the Gulf.

Not the best choice of course, but it did what it was asked to do.


Keep looking
Every day run thru the online used yak sale sites. Soon find a straighter keeled than WW short boats. Rocker is useless on flat water. Just anchored to the bottom.

Place an ad herein Padnet.

I think I decided on the WW boat.
I think I am going to go ahead and get the WW boat, I know that it isn’t the best for flat water but I would really like a small fun playboat. I live 20 minutes away from Cossatot Falls and would eventually like to work my way up to paddling there, only after much practice and around more experienced paddlers. If I don’t like it I’ll trade it in on something else most likely.