Help me to decide which canoe to buy.

My wife and I are trying to decide which canoe to buy. We want something that is equally good on open lakes as well as in rivers. We want something that is easy to paddle but stable, too.There will be times when I will go out alone or with my Golden Retriever so I need something that can also be used by a beginner solo as well. What do you think would be my best choices?

What kind of rivers? Slow current,
Class II rapids, or other? How much money do you want to spend?

You will get lots of technical advice
here but I’d like to offer some practical advice. Go to the local store that sells boats and buy something “off the rack” that fits your needs. Chances are good that you will quickly outgrow whatever boat you buy. After you have gained some experience, you will know better the kind of specifications to look for and you will have gained a preference for makes and models.

Better yet

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Check the want adds.
Most have plenty of inexpensive canoes you can start out in.
And look for clubs and paddling groups. Great ops to try different boats.

Oh yeah and read these pages. Lots of folks asking the same question so you might find some answers to yours.


need help selecting canoe
i would go with pathfinder[old town]price is right and can be used as single-couple.also just right size for stream,creek open water.i have one for past 5 years and it been great canoe for the money and size

There are a few compromise canoes
around, but no perfect all-around canoe. Think about what is more important regarding your usages.

If you are not going to be bashing into rocks in white water, I would recommend the Old Town Stillwater canoes in 14’ or 16’. Good for tandem use, and you can solo it with a milk crate type drop-in seat from behind the center thwart. Does the job fine, including with the dog.

I like …
Nova craft Bob Special or Pal. Both are good as a solo and a tandem. Both can be nice trippers or day boats lake or river.


choosy canoe
still i go with the pathfinder if i was you but you again decided from all the paddlers that gave you information…may current be with you…