Help me to plan kayak trip in Acadia

HI everybody,

My wife and me want to do a few (3-6) days kayaking trip in Acadia NP. Preferably a round trip so we can get right back to our car when we done.

Oddly enough I cannot find any information about kayaking in Acadia. Any trip reports, trip maps would be a great help. (I mean longer multi-day trips, not a 3 hr outing)

The most important question is: how many days I would need to kayak around Mt Desert Island? Average paddler, probably 10-15 mi a day.

Thank you in advance,

Happy paddling

Around MDI
It’s about 50 miles, but not all legs are 10-15 miles. Camping options can be cobbled together from MITA sites, MCHT, and State BPL islands. This trip combines some fairly protected and quiet waters and some fairly advanced water. Really good weather planning, tidal planning, and route planning skills are important for doing this trip safely.


thank u
Thank you for the response. I’m not sure that do mean “not all legs”? Otherwise, 50 miles isn’t bad.

Long legs
I meant that you can’t go around MDI without doing a couple days that are longer than 10-15 miles. The camping possibilities are such that a couple of the days are more like 20, and one of those is on the most challenging stretch.