Help: measurement on T170 and Aquanaut.

If you have a T170 or Aquanaut, would you mind taking a measurement for me? I need to know the actual measurement across the seat pan, where the hips would be.

I just paddled a rental RM T170 today. Fits just right, though no room to spare in the hips. The sides of the seat pan are outboard of the coamng maybe 1/2" on each side. My hips with wetsuit just hit the coaming, but then good fit once I’m in. I should have measured for reference but didn’t think of it at the time (stupid stupid stupid), and just got back from returning the boat.

I’m suspecting the Aquanaut regular is a bit too narrow, but don’t know. I have an invitation to try one on Sunday, at the coast. I’d like to take a rain check if I’m not yet slim enough.

Thanks for any help on measurements.

Paul S.

Got the T170 measurement, sorta

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I called the store where I rented. It's a sporting good store, not a dedicated kayak shop. They were still open. The young man who answered the phone did offer to measure for me, and said it's "roughly 18 inches." I said, "is that within a 1/4 inch or so?" He hesitated and said, "yyyy..yeah."

So I could still use a confirmation I think.

Paul S.

it’s not exactly what you’re asking for
but from what I’ve read on-line

Composite Tempest 170: 34” x 18”

Composite Aquanaut: 29.5" x 16”

(You passed on the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving this year, right?)

uh oh.
Thanks Bo. I didn’t check online because I don’t trust the measurements. But in this case, if they’re even close, I have my answer.

Thanksgiving day: half an apple at about 11 AM while we watched a movie. 4PM: Turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing, way light on the margarine in both, salad and lite dressing, cranberry sauce. No olives. No gravy. We didn’t even break them out, partly out of laziness on the gravy. The pie was there, but no, definitely no pie. Pie is evil. I was comfortably full but not stuffed. Decaf coffee later. No more food the rest of the day though. Felt good.

I’m way motivated. I hit a plateau at 260, but I’m moving down now to 200. I want a wide choice of boats, and I want to slink around on the water like the slim folk, dam it! I’m young at mind. Now I just have to get young at body again.

Paul S.

I can- manyana
and there are 2 seats in T-170’s. for a while, the early versions had a narrower seat. they also have a notch in the cack of the seat about 5" wide, centered


Where did you get the 'naut data?
I remember now, I couldn’t find the cockpit sizes on the Valley web page. Still can’t. A quick google didn’t reveal either.

Where did you find it?

Paul S.

Actual Aquanaut measures
I measured my 2004 Aquanaut with 2005 replacement seat.

The inside measure of the coaming at the point of the cheek plates is 16". The distance between cheek plates at widest point is 17".

These measures are acurate within 1/8-3/16"

cheek plates?
Thanks wilsoj. Are the cheek plates like a seat hanger?

Paul S.

Same thing
Yes, they are the verticals that run from the seat pan upward under the coaming/gunwales.

Thanks, appreciate the measurements

You’re welcome
As far as boats with keyhole cockpits, I believe the coaming is the same on all Valley boats. Seats are likely the same as well. There maybe some difference in seat width if it is a true hung seat.

T170 measurement is 17"!
I had to go back to the store today. Left my float bags in the hatches . Took a tape measure of course.

The distance across the coaming at the hips on that RM T170 is 15.5". The distance between the sides of the seat pan, AKA seat hanger, at the hips is exactly 17"! On that boat anyway.

So I fit in a 17" seat. This changes the picture.

Paul S.